EMT is exclusive Representative of Revitalair and BioBarica worldwide:

Revitalair® is a Oxavita SRL registered trademark.

Oxavita SRL is a company that is exclusively devoted to the development and manufacture
of hyperbaric chambers and its complements.
It is also certified by DNV, and works under the ISO 13485 and 9000 standards. It has obtained the EC seal for the commercialization of its products in the European Community.

Oxavita SRL has created and patented an innovative mechanism, becoming the only company which does not use zipper closing systems for its portable Hyperbaric Chambers.

BioBarica® is a global network of hyperbaric medicine designed to expand the availability
of high quality therapeutic Centers through
low investment with high return.

BioBarica® consists of a group of interdisciplinary professionals with the only objective to develop Hyperbaric Medicine through new efficient technologies and widely available standardized high quality equipment and services.

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